Photo Gallery

people and miscellaneous Chase and Lee with Jeff Sells Lost Survivors Crew Dave, Mykel, and Jay Adam and Juan Dave and Ruth Zelda the Potcake Rick on Camera
Dave and Jeff


1. Chase and Lee with Jeff Sells in Abaco. 2. Lost Survivors crew: Lee, Jay Stanka, Jeff Sells, Vince Ueber, Chase; with Tom Hazel of Abaco Inn. 3. Jay, Dave and Mykel Hawke. 4. Cameraman Juan Fernandez and Cameraman Adam Flack. 5. Dave with Ruth Hawke, Abaco. 6. Zelda, the Potcake. 7. Rick on camera. 8. Dave and Pipo, Italy. 9. Jeff Sells and Jay Stanka, Abaco. 10. SFODA. 11. SFODA 12. Dave and Jeff Sells. 13. Northern Afghanistan. 14. Northern Afghanistan. 15. Italy. 16. Italy.